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Scrutiny Aside, Philanthropy’s to be Celebrated


Author: Elizabeth Wong, National Director of Philanthropic Advisory Services

Tags: Advisor Series

Recently, The New York Times ran a thought-provoking story on “troll philanthropy”, which underscores the reality that the charitable giving of high-profile, megadonors is frequently – if not always – subject to public scrutiny, whether it’s instigated by the donors or

Want to Have Your Name on a Building?  

Naming Rights

Philanthropists are getting in on the increasingly popular strategy to prominently display their family name on a public landmark or building. That’s because charitable individuals and families are utilizing naming rights in connection with a donation...

Philanthropy: A Safe Harbor During the Market Storm 


During a market downturn, it may feel like a duck-and-cover approach is the safest place to be as an advisor who is working with frustrated investors. But life continues to go on—whether markets are up or down. Investors sell businesses. They need help with estate...

5 Ways to Help Clients Evaluate a Nonprofit

Evaluate a Nonprofit

Author: Gillian Howell, Head of Client Advisory Solutions

Tags: Advisor Series

As we turn the calendar to a new year, it’s the perfect time to help your clients think about their philanthropy through a fresh perspective. Set them up for success when they receive requests from nonprofits by encouraging them to start thinking about the causes they..

How to Help Families Make the Most of Their Philanthropy


For your charitable clients, philanthropy is about so much more than making donations. It’s how they share values across generations. It can help them express personal and family interests and ignite passions and creativity. And it’s a way for them to foster family...

5 Things to Know About High-Net-Worth Family Philanthropy

High-Net-Worth Family Philanthropy

Author: Hannah Shaw Grove, Chief Marketing Officer

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Family philanthropy is a key driver of social change and a great way for high-net-worth (HNW) families to clarify their values, commit to a mission, and work collaboratively across generations to build and protect their legacies.