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Address: Los Angeles, CA United States

International Corporate Citizenship Conference 2014

This year’s conference theme, Adaptable Leadership, focuses on the need for corporate citizenship professionals to adapt to new and changing situations and environments. Adaptable leaders are able to continually “recalculate” and redefine their course or strategy, and know that while an end-goal is vital for driving success, the path to achieving that goal cannot be rigid. Whether it be taking advantage of new opportunities or circumventing barriers such as a new organizational structure, employing this adaptable mindset allows these leaders to successfully meet the demands of the situation at hand in real time, able to make the most of change in the short-term and drive success in the long-term.

At this year’s 2014 International Corporate Citizenship Conference, speakers will provide insights, proven success stories, and practical takeaways that focus on how corporate citizenship professionals can apply adaptable leadership:

 • Learn how to drive change in your company and create real impact

• Gain tools and strategies for avoiding roadblocks in your own efforts

• Discover how to accelerate your initiatives and goals

Unlike other conferences in this field, ours is open only to corporate practitioners. Join more than 650 leading policy makers from the largest domestic and international corporations in this unique environment designed especially for learning and networking.

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