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Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation Center Conference

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Address: Kansas City, MO United States

10 Great Ways Donors Can Support Entrepreneurship

What would it take to change America’s economic outlook—to change the job prospects for people who want to work? Against the backdrop of budget cuts and fiscal austerity, many philanthropists and nonprofits are looking to the power of the private sector—rather than the government—to solve the nation’s stagnating economic growth and unemployment problems. By bringing entrepreneurship to the fore and fostering a job creation mentality, philanthropists and nonprofit leaders are reconnecting with this vital aspect of America’s heritage as they launch entrepreneurial ecosystems to respond to regional challenges. By starting from the ground up and investing in entrepreneurship support, teaching, and mentoring, these ecosystems are broadening economic prospects, not only for individuals, but also for the communities they live in. Join us as we explore innovations and experiments that are working to jump-start entrepreneurship in neighborhoods, regions, community colleges, and other places across the nation.

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