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Global Philanthropy Forum

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Venue: Hotel Sofitel

Address: Redwood City, CA United States

The Future We Make: Outrage, Opportunity and Choice in the Digital Age

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Emerging economies are rapidly growing. Democracies are expanding. New digital tools are empowering. Yet joblessness, hunger, disease and even slavery persist. These deficits are both a cause and a consequence of poverty and insecurity, creating the conditions that allow more than 860 million to go hungry, and over 20 million fellow human beings to be trafficked and sold into slavery.

Will you act on our outrage?


The time is now. Newly open economies are experiencing rapid and sustained economic growth. As wealth is created and capacity is built, indigenous philanthropists are emerging, dedicated to promoting inclusive development in their countries and on their continents. The digital revolution allows them, and us, to target philanthropic interventions with greater precision. Together we can tap that great reserve of human ingenuity that exists in every community, family and person. With modest investments, we can enhance the impact of grantees and entrepreneurs by ensuring they have digital tools to communicate, fabricate and connect solutions to problems, and services to those in need.

Will we seize the opportunity?


We can help make the future. We can combine and collaborate on effective strategies. We can source and support ingenious nonprofits and social enterprises with promising approaches, and bring their solutions to scale. We can identify and advocate smart policies. We can employ newly available tools, including data–big and small. And we can inform the choices of millions of others, recognizing that the dangers that seize us, as well as their solutions, are often the result of the aggregate effects of millions of individual decisions, ours among them.

Will you join us and decide?