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Webinar: An Ophthalmologist Finds a Nation’s Blind Spot

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The adoptive father of a child born in South Korea, retired ophthalmologist Richard Boas decided to use his foundation to help other U.S. families afford the expensive international adoption process. A trip to Korea caused a dramatic change of plan. Dr. Boas learned that in Korea, just one out of 100 children conceived out of wedlock is raised by his or her mother. A powerful cultural stigma against unwed mothers pressured these women into giving up their children. He decided that he would dedicate his foundation to the support of these mothers and to increased awareness of their needs in Korea. Dr. Boas then embarked on an ambitious five-year plan to make the plight of these women visible. As a tribute to his work, Dr. Boas was recently awarded Korea’s Civil Merit Medal by President Lee Myung-bak. Please join us for this webinar as Dr. Boas talks about his personal philanthropic journey, what he learned, and how he drew on both his own resources and the talents of others to accomplish his goals.

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