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Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Funders 11th Annual Forum

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Venue: Providence Marriott Downtown

Address: Google Map 1 Orms Street

Providence, RI 02904 United States

Rethinking Risk and Resilience (Funders Only Event)

Food production in the 21st century is risky business—antibiotic resistance; E. coli outbreaks; pesticide drift; water shortages, poisoned aquifers and dead zones; food worker exploitation; topsoil erosion and GMO contamination; fisheries collapse and aquaculture pollution—all made more precarious by increasingly frequent extreme weather events. And too often the ones who suffer the consequences when risks become catastrophes are the least responsible and the most vulnerable. Yet creativity, improvisation, innovation, and collaboration require risk, require vulnerability.  Examples are found worldwide of communities are taking risks to prepare for a better future.

How can philanthropy support individual and community resilience and ensure all people can flourish in the “world risk society” of contemporary agriculture and food production? What risks to reputations (and endowments) are foundations ready to assume to co-create more resilient, sustainable and equitable food systems? SAFSF invites you to Providence, Rhode Island, next June to grapple with these hard questions and to experience first-hand exciting examples of resilience in action in New England agriculture and fisheries.

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