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Social Enterprise Conference

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Goals:  The Social Enterprise Conference is one of the world’s leading forums to explore the intersection of business and social impact. The Conference is entirely student-run, jointly hosted by students from the Harvard Business School and the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

To encourage better solutions to the world’s most pressing social problems, we aspire to convene a conference that:

Showcases cutting edge ideas, trends, and people in social enterprise

Connects aspiring and experienced social entrepreneurs with networks and partnerships to accelerate social change

Challenges, strengthens, and advances the social enterprise field

Theme:  To propel social change, the 2013 Social Enterprise Conference will focus students, practitioners, and organizations on CREATING, CONNECTING, & COMMITTING:

Enacting solutions to the world’s pressing social problems—from enabling access to affordable health care, education, and energy, to ensuring environmental and cultural sustainability, to catalyzing economic inclusion for the 1.4 billion people who live under $1.25 per day—requires fresh perspectives, new products and designs, creative business models, and innovative leadership approaches. At the Social Enterprise Conference, we are passionate about catalyzing a forum to CREATE.

From budding entrepreneurs launching new ventures, to government leaders managing municipal or national programs, to venture capitalists pursuing double and triple bottom line investments, to Fortune 500 companies seeking to create social and financial value—none of us can achieve the impact we seek without partners. At the Social Enterprise Conference, we are inspired to enable individuals and organizations to CONNECT.

Designing, producing, iterating, launching, selling, and scaling, in the face of intractable social problems in rapidly evolving world, require stubbornness, patience, and persistence. At the Social Enterprise Conference, we are determined to inspire one another to COMMIT.

Harvard Kennedy School (Saturday) – 79 John F. Kennedy St. Cambridge, MA 02138
Harvard Business School (Sunday) – 100 Western Ave. Boston, MA 02163