How to Help Families Make
The Most of Their Philanthropy

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Eager to help your charitably inclined clients align their philanthropic, wealth management and legacy-planning objectives? Get ahead of the conversation with our resource, How to Help Families Make The Most of Their Philanthropy, where we look at the important trends impacting today’s philanthropic families. You’ll also walk away with practical tips to ensure you’re having meaningful conversations that can enhance your most valued client relationships.

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About Foundation Source

Foundation Source is the nation’s largest provider of management solutions for private foundations. We empower people and companies to create a better world with their philanthropy through a configurable suite of administrative, compliance, and advisory services complemented by purpose-built foundation management technology and private foundation experts.

We work in concert with financial advisors, legal and accounting professionals, consultants and family offices, as well as directly with individuals, families, and corporations to bring philanthropic visions to life. As we celebrate our 20th year of service, Foundation Source supports nearly 2,000 family, corporate, and professionally staffed foundations of all sizes and has enabled more than $7 billion in charitable grants.