Foundation Source Newsletter: Refresh Your Philanthropy

Refresh Your Philanthropy

Whether you’re a busy philanthropist or an advisor who supports charitably-inclined clients, it can be challenging keeping up with the latest news and information that can help you make an impact. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to the first issue of the Foundation Source Newsletter to help you refresh your philanthropy!

Designed to help save you time and serve as a point of inspiration, we’ll deliver a new issue each quarter with thoughtfully curated content including the top resources, interesting insights and news-worthy stories that are shaking up the philanthropic landscape. In our first issue, you’ll discover the change makers who are refreshing philanthropy with innovative strategies and the recent trends shaping the future of giving.

Keeping your finger on the pulse of philanthropy has never been easier. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

Emerging Crisis: How You Can Help Ukraine 
As the humanitarian crisis quickly develops in Ukraine, the full scope of needs is not yet known. But there are broad categories of humanitarian aid commonly needed when protecting at-risk populations. Check out our guide, which includes five key concepts to keep in mind as you formulate your response along with a list of helpful of resources. 

Refresh Your PhilanthropyClient Spotlight: The Monarch Foundation
Mothers in NYC can get up to $1,000 a month thanks to a new, privately funded program called the Bridge Project started by our client, The Monarch Foundation. Check out their story in The New York Times to learn how this guaranteed income experiment is helping moms get everything from baby supplies to food.


Refresh Your Philanthropy2021 Report on Private Foundations – Endowments
Foundation Source analyzed the endowment activities of more than 1,000 private and family foundations to better understand the asset allocation, portfolio performance, and financial transactions that allow foundations to continue their charitable work. Read on to see the results, and why we believe the outlook of future giving is encouraging.


Refresh Your PhilanthropyThe Future of Giving: Trends Shaping Next-Gen Philanthropy
Which generation has given more during the past two years? The answer may surprise you. Find out how next-gens are impacting the future of philanthropy and ways to harness the spirit and generosity of their giving in this eye-opening article featured on


Refresh Your PhilanthropyNew Report: Wealth X’s UHNW Philanthropy 2022
Wealth-X recently examined trends amongst individuals with $30 million or more in net worth. Turns out there are some key differences in giving by region, age, gender, and more. But is there a difference between UHNW individuals with private foundations when compared to other major philanthropists? Read on to find out.


Refresh Your PhilanthropyTech Talk: Digital Tools Helping Mental Health
Technology plays a key role in our lives, and we’re pleased to see the work that’s being done to enhance tele-behavioral health tools and digital tools for mental and emotional health. This is a fascinating interview with Physician’s Weekly on digital therapeutics applications with our client Matthias B. Bowman of The Bowman Family Foundation (BFF).


Refresh Your Philanthropy6 Key Opportunities for Advisors
Looking to take a refreshed approach to help your charitable clients enhance their giving? In our Advisor Series featured on the Foundation Source Blog, we highlight six key opportunities you can start implementing in your practice to help families make the most of their philanthropy. Read more>>


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