Meet This Moment and Those To Come

Expand Your Foundation’s Capacity, Secure Its Future

The coronavirus pandemic has occasioned the ultimate stress test for private foundations. As it devastates lives, the economy, and institutions alike (everything from hospitals and universities to museums and relief organizations), private foundations are under pressure to respond forcefully. Despite stock market turbulence, they need to make their resources stretch further. And on top of everything else, social distancing makes it impossible to conduct “business as usual.”

In light of these new pressures, it may be time to consider a different approach to managing your foundation. Foundation Source’s online platform was purpose-built for this moment. The ability to virtually transact all your foundation activities (researching charities, making grants, and collaborating with other foundation members), means your foundation remains open for business no matter what. And having a complete, “virtual” staff of foundation experts gives your foundation the capacity, capabilities, and stability it needs to perform at its best—even during times of unprecedented challenge.

Our work with nearly 2,000 foundations has demonstrated 10 benefits you can expect to receive by relying on Foundation Source for your back-office administration, technology, and support services:

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