Grants to Individuals: Another Way to Make a Difference


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In our everyday lives, we sometimes come across people in our community facing tough times and we want to reach out: we take our family to a neighborhood barbecue to raise money for a child’s kidney transplant; we drop spare change in the coffee can next to the cash register to support the family of a fallen firefighter; our synagogue or congregation provides home-cooked meals, child care, and other forms of support to families in the midst of crisis.

Although we can and do have an impact as individuals, many philanthropically inclined individuals don’t realize that a private foundation can provide much-needed cash grants directly to individuals and families in times of need. Foundations are often in an excellent position to respond quickly, flexibly and with good stewardship during a time of crisis, when quick action is most needed. Rather than making ad-hoc gifts, you can make grants using dollars for which you’ve already received a tax deduction via a contributions to your foundation.

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