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Focus on your philanthropy, not paperwork. The day-to-day operations required to run a foundation are the same as for any small business. Outsourcing operations to Foundation Source allows you to spend your time on mission and strategy instead of “administrivia.”

Sleep better at night. Our staff of attorneys, CPAs, and foundation administrators monitor foundation activities for potential compliance issues that could lead to embarrassing public scrutiny, IRS penalties, and even lost of exempt status.

Unleash the full power of your foundation with advanced giving techniques. Whether you want to grant internationally, give to individuals in needs, award scholarships, or make loans, loan guarantees, or equity investments, we have the expertise to assist you.

Keep off the IRS radar with properly prepared 990-PF tax returns. We complete over a thousand 990-PFs IRS returns each year, as well as quarterly excise tax filings, and state filings. You can trust us to prepare yours properly.

Reduce your foundation’s tax bill with effective tax planning. We help you plan funding and giving activities to reduce the foundation’s excise tax rate to 1% in select years.

Manage your foundation anytime, anywhere. We’ve developed a web-based dashboard designed specifically for private foundations. It makes grantmaking quick and easy, while providing full transparency into foundation operations. 

Get day-to-day foundation support on call, not on staff. You get the services of foundation administrators, compliance officers, philanthropic advisors, and foundation tax preparation experts for a fraction of the cost of hiring staff.

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