Foundation leaders are often the first to ask what they and their organizations can do in the face of a crisis. They also know that foundations can deploy methods of support that are not always available to individual donors. Once urgent needs are addressed and first responders exit, foundations can partner with and support nonprofit and non-governmental organizations that focus on recovery and long-term community renewal efforts.

As the situation in Afghanistan unfolds, consider checking in with organizations that have a history of working in the region and with affected Afghan communities. They will have well-established networks and sources of information, they will understand cultural norms, and their interventions will be tested and proven.

The early days, weeks and sometimes even months of a crisis can be difficult to witness. It is important to recognize the invaluable role that foundations can play when this initial phase comes to a close and communities are faced with the daunting task of long-term recovery.

To learn more about what can be done now and in the near future, consider the work of these organizations: