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Administrative Support

We serve as your virtual staff, providing outsourced support for your corporate philanthropy.

Initial Setup

  • Customization of Foundation Source Online®, our proprietary technology platform
  • Uploading of historical giving activity (from a standardized electronic file)
  • Configuration of viewing rights and permissions for each online user

Transaction Processing

  • Preparation of donation checks and transmittal letters

Compliance Oversight

  • Confirmation of IRS status for 501(c)(3) organizations
  • USA PATRIOT Act due diligence to screen out terrorist organizations

Additional Services for Corporate Foundations

  • Funding and expense processing
  • Compliance monitoring for self-dealing and jeopardizing investments
  • Tax preparation and filings: annual 990-PF, esti­mated taxes, year-end 1099s/1042s, and state filings as required

Foundation Source Online

Foundation Source Online is a secure, web-based platform for managing your corporate philanthropy, including charity research, donation processing, activity tracking, and reporting. Viewing rights and permissions are customized for each staff member given access to the platform, enabling managers to control what staff can see and do online. This award-winning tech­nology provides oversight and control over corporate giving and facilitates online communication and collaboration.

Charity Research

  • Database of IRS-approved public charities and other exempt organizations
  • Supplemental data on all U.S. schools from the National Center for Educational Statistics
  • Access to research from GuideStar® and Charity Navigator®
  • Research of charities not found in the database 

Online Donations

  • Streamlined systems to initiate and review donations
  • Management of multi-year commitments
  • Creation of “favorite charities” list for expedited giving

Customized Review and Approval Workflows

  • Manage donations by individuals, committees, satellite facilities, and geographic areas
  • Manage donations with programmatic and/or budget restrictions
  • Ability to filter out charitable organizations by category using the National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities

Activity and Financial Reporting

  • Receipt of donation acknowledgments from nonprofits
  • Library of standardized reports with filters for user-defined reporting
  • Custom reports available 

Streamlined Grants Management

Foundation Source Requests® makes it easy for your company to accept online applications from grantseekers, then organize and review those requests. It includes:

  • Eligibility quizzes to pre-screen applicants against program criteria
  • Customized applications with “required fields” that ensure complete submissions
  • Review and collaboration tools for evaluators and stakeholders
  • Letter and email templates for notifying applicants of funding decisions or the need for additional information

Foundation Source Results® helps you track the impact of your company’s charitable donations. It automates the process of collecting key performance metrics from nonprofits and other recipients:

  • How donations were spent
  • Recipient’s progress towards goals
  • Unexpected challenges
  • Lessons learned.

Advisory Services

Private Client Advisors

Each client is supported by a Private Client Advisor, a dedicated relationship manager for your company who is available to assist company representatives with our services on a daily basis. He/she gets to know you and your philanthropy program inside and out. Private Client Advisors are backed by specialists with expertise in tax and legal issues, compliance, and philan­thropy. They will help you to: 

  • Configure customized granting permissions and grant approval processes for your corporate giving
  • Provide orientation and technology support for Foundation Source Online users
  • Review donations and transmittal letters for accuracy
  • Receive and post correspondence on your behalf 

Philanthropic Directors

You also get telephone access to a Philanthropic Director who can help you advance your company’s philanthropy:

  • Develop a corporate social responsibility strategy that aligns with company business goals
  • Research, prioritize, and develop funding areas
  • Identify nonprofit partners
  • Create giving criteria and application materials
  • Provide compliance guidance for fundraising activities
  • Help develop key performance metrics

Your Philanthropic Director is also available to work with your company’s legal counsel to develop customized gift agreements, if needed. 

Employee Engagement

For companies that engage in workplace giving, these optional services are available through our network of preferred partners.

  • Employee matching
  • Volunteering
  • International programs
  • Fundraising
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