Narrator: You can manage your day-to-day Foundation activities from anywhere with Foundation Source Online, a state-of-the-art web-based philanthropic command center, accessible from any internet connected device.

From your Foundation’s dashboard you get 24/7 access to every aspect of your Foundation operations supported behind the scenes by a virtual staff of philanthropic experts. You can research charities, make grants, and collaborate with family members online.

Once you log in to Foundation Source Online with your password you’ll arrive at your foundation’s dashboard which can be customized with your mission, photos, and reminder notes. Dragging and dropping allow each user to easily customize the screen to their preferences.

The Asset Summary gives you an aggregated view of your Foundation’s asset balances including cash, securities, alternative assets, as well as transactions in process and future grant commitments.

To keep you IRS compliant this portlet displays your Foundation’s progress towards in annual 5% minimum distribution requirement including qualified distributions already paid and payment scheduled toward the future. Other portlets on the dashboard display information about your grant allocations and enable you to review your Foundation’s tax return.

Your private client advisor will work with you to set up different log-ins and permissions for each person who will have access to the website such as who can make grants and their granting limits. Foundation Source can even ensure that no grant is processed until approved by designated person on the Foundation.

Researching charities is simple and hassle-free. Foundation Source Online completely eliminates the need to obtain a determination letter from a charity. Easily search by name, keyword, or location or browse by category. You have direct instant access to data on more than one million charities to ensure the organization you’re granting to is IRS approved. A green check means the organization is IRS approved. A red X alerts you that there is an issue.
Every organization listed is USA PATRIOT Act compliant. Clicking on the charity’s name displays detailed information such as financial data and comparative ratings. Once you find the right organization you have the option of adding it to your favorites list.

Making a grant is extremely easy with Foundation Source Online. Initiate grants from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Simply select an organization from the ‘Find a Charity’ search result or from your favorites list. To make a grant click the button. Fill out the details of the grant: date, amount, purpose, and other customizations, one time or recurring grants, future dated grants, unrestricted grants, or specific purpose grants, anonymous grants, grants in memory of or in honor of an individual. You have the option of having your grant check sent directly to the recipient or to you so you can deliver it in person.

After you confirm your grant information Foundation Source Online automatically generates a grant letter on your Foundation’s letterhead. You can personalize and edit the letter and Foundation Source will mail it to you or the charity along with your grant check.

Foundation Source Online tracks the status of every transaction processed by Foundation Source to provide you with an ongoing record of your Foundation activity. You can access your complete grant history with the click of a button, sorting by grantee, grantor, or payment date. Foundation Source Online includes a report library of over 25 customizable templates to keep you and everyone on the Foundation fully informed about grants, finances, expenses, and other activities. You can save reports in Word, Excel, PDF, and HTML. Foundation Source Online can automatically generate reports and email them to you on a routine basis.