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From the current humanitarian crisis in Ukraine to weather-related events such as storms and wildfires, disaster emergencies can strike without much warning and leave in their wake suffering that takes a lasting toll on communities. Philanthropists are in a unique position to help, but with each crisis comes its own set of complexities that can make it challenging to provide the right kind of support at the right time. Join our subject matter experts for an enlightening roundtable discussion that will cover:

  • Best practices and innovations in disaster recovery and emergency response that are leading to better outcomes
  • What makes humanitarian crises different from other disaster emergencies
  • How needs and resilience have changed due to current challenges and dynamics
  • What funders should be thinking about now
  • Advice and guidance on how funders can respond quickly and creatively in times of great need

Meet the speakers:

Zack Rosenburg
Co-Founder & CEO at SBP
Zack co-founded SBP, a social impact organization focused on disaster resilience and recovery, after Hurricane Katrina. Their mission is to shrink the time between disaster and recovery. Zack advises local and state government officials to create long-term recovery programs and has been recognized as one of the 2018 Social Entrepreneurs of the Year by the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship.

William McNulty
Head of Mission at Operation White Stork
William has been conducting evacuation, IFAK supply and medical training operations in Ukraine. As a social entrepreneur, marine veteran and keynote speaker, he has worked in support of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and the National Security Council’s Iraq Threat Finance Cell.

Jeffrey D. Haskell
Chief Legal Officer at Foundation Source
Jeff is responsible for providing guidance on legal and tax issues to the firm’s foundation clients and their professional teams as well as an extensive in-house team of attorneys, accountants, and service professionals who provide tax reporting and operational support. He is widley regarded as one of the leading experts in the rules and regulations governing private foundations and has helped architect our innovative solutions for adminsitrative support and compliance at Foundation Source.

Gillian Howell
Head of Client Advisory Solutions at Foundation Source
Gillian leads teams of seasoned relationship management and philanthropic advisory professionals as they help foundations achieve their charitable objectives with greater efficiency and effectiveness. Previously, Gillian spent 31 years at Bank of America and its predecessor organizations where she served in multiple philanthropic leadership roles while collaborating with high-net-worth donors, private foundations, donor-advised funds and nonprofits on strategic planning, donor development, mission advancement, next generation engagement and board governance, as well as philanthropic investments and fiduciary and risk management.

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