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New Foundation and Grants Management Platform

Maximize your philanthropy with a management platform and easy-to-use app that are built on proprietary workflows developed and perfected over 20+ years by the leading provider of support services to private foundations.

This tool facilitates member engagement, simplifies routine grantmaking and administrative functions, and centralizes critical information – allowing you to spend more time on strategy and impact.



Involve family members and foundation insiders with tools designed to support collaboration and engagement.

  • Add users and set platform permissions based on role
  • Use notes feature to interact and share information with other members
  • Configure grant approvals process based on your foundation’s protocol and governance
  • Set grant limits and permissions by user
  • Create an Impact Plan together to allocate and track grants for the year


Increase efficiency for routine foundation management activities with simple, intuitive workflows.

  • Make grants in four easy steps
  • Edit grants at any point in the process and track against the minimum distribution requirement
  • Get notifications on various foundation activities
  • Add, track and export qualifying expenses
  • Search IRS Tax-Exempt Organization database for eligible charities
  • Add a new charity and grant immediately
  • Save time, reduce double entry – export grant and expense data to QuickBooks


Consolidate, organize and easily access foundation information and activities in a single platform.

  • Access key information with standard and dynamic reporting options
  • Use scheduling feature to ensure timely delivery of regular management reports
  • Archive meeting minutes, board books, grant documentation, tax filings and more with central document repository
  • Manage foundation contacts and store grantee and member information
  • Organize your grants with fully configurable categorization and report codes
  • Easily create and view to-dos and get helpful email reminders

Impactfully Features

Built with simplicity in mind, for the self-service client.

Simplified Grant Process
  • Make grants in 4 easy steps
  • Edit grants at any point in the process
  • Track grants against MDR requirement
  • Get notifications on various foundation activities
Charity Search
  • Search IRS Tax-Exempt Organization database for eligible charities
  • Add new charities quickly
Accounting Management
  • Pre-integrated with QuickBooks
  • Pay grants and expenses
  • Reduce time and mistakes from double data entry
Document Management
  • Central repository for all your foundation documents
  • Archive meeting minutes, board books, grant documentation, tax filings and more
  • Suite of standard, real-time reports
  • Scheduling for regular management reports
  • Dynamic reporting feature
MDR Tracking
  • Track MDR status throughout the year
  • Know exactly where you stand with IRS requirements and compliance
  • Enter MDR values for dashboard display
Expense Management
  • Enter expenses
  • Track qualifying expenses against MDR requirement
Contact Management
  • Store contact details for all your charities
  • Easy access to grantee and member information

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

Anyone who leads or manages a private foundation and wants to try a self-service tool that can help centralize foundation management tasks to eliminate multiple systems.

Will other members of my family or team be able to use the software with me?

Yes. You will have the ability to add users yourself through the software.

Can I give my family office, accountant (or another advisor) access?

Yes. The software has a permissions system enabling you to control what they can or can’t do on the platform.

Am I on my own or will someone help me with the software?

Our platform is designed to be intuitive and there are helpful resources and short video tutorials available online. You can also reach our Customer Success team during regular business hours Monday thru Friday ET. 

How does the platform assist with compliance?

The Impactfully platform has guidance windows with useful compliance tips and makes it easy to check a charity’s IRS organization status before making a grant. Please note that users will have the ultimate responsibility for conducting due diligence on potential grantees and foundation compliance.

Am I responsible for tax filings?

Yes. Impactfully users are responsible for filing tax returns on behalf of their foundations. The platform helps you track and organize grants and expenses and easily export data in multiple formats for tax preparers.

How quickly can I get up and running?

Thanks to our simple onboarding process, you can expect to have access to your account and be up and running in less than a week!

Can I easily import data?

Yes! With Impactfully, you can bring your data with you. We’ll provide you with a simple csv template and viola—years’ worth of grant history and foundation activity can import into the platform!

Does Impactfully have a mobile app?

Yes, you can manage your foundation on the go with Foundation Source Mobile. Simply download the app from the Google Play Store or App Store with your web credentials.

Can I use my web credentials to log into the mobile app?

Yes, your web and mobile credentials are the same. We made it as easy as possible to manage your foundation on the go.

What can I do from the mobile app?

You can make grants, track your MDR, create expenses, and vote on pending grants. Additionally, you can search for a charity using the IRS database, view your grant activity, contacts, documents, and paid expenses. The data you see is permission based.

What can I do from the mobile app that I can't do from the web?

When creating an expense, you can now use your mobile device to snap a picture and attach a supporting document like a receipt or invoice. You can also call, text or email contacts associated with your foundation directly from your mobile device!

If I make a grant from the app, will it follow any limits or voting committees that I have set up on the web app?

Yes! If you have a grant limit set up, the app will prevent you from making the grant if the amount will surpass your limit. If you have grants that need to be approved by a voting committee, any grants created within the app will still follow that process. And if you are part of a grant committee, you’ll be able to cast your vote right from the app!

Purpose-Built for Funders

Proprietary software designed to make grants, search charities, create expenses and more!

  • Simplify grant and expense management
  • Integrate foundation management tasks to eliminate multiple systems
  • IRS database for researching qualified charities
  • Manage users and permissions
  • QuickBooks integration to reduce double-entry
  • Real-time tracking against your annual MDR
  • Extensive reporting options
  • Get up-and-running in less than a week
  • Manage your foundation from any device with our mobile app

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