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Power Up Your Philanthropy

Looking to bring your philanthropic team together, foster engagement and communication, and organize your charitable giving? 

You’ve come to the right place. For more than 20 years, we’ve built products and provided expert services for philanthropists who wanted to make giving easier, more impactful, and cost-effective. Whether your foundation has been around for several generations or you’re starting one for the first time, our technology solutions can help you power up your philanthropy. 

Tech + Service

Foundation Source Online®: Foundation Management 

We developed the industry’s first foundation management software—our flagship platform, Foundation Source Online (FSOL). This robust platform supports every aspect of a foundation’s operations—from impact planning and granting to board meetings and reporting, and everything in between. FSOL is a key part of our full-service relationships, giving you one-click access to the information that helps you make a difference in the world. 

Ask Us About Advanced Features

Streamline and automate your foundation’s grantmaking and reporting with Foundation Source Requests™ & Foundation Source Results™. These optional, easy-to-use modules are designed to be integrated with FSOL. Requests lets you easily seek more information from a charity to ensure alignment with your foundation’s priorities before granting, while Results helps you monitor grants for outcomes and outputs.

All Tech

Impactfully: Self-Service Portal

This self-service platform helps foundations that have straightforward operational requirements manage and organize the tasks related to self-administration. Leverage proven workflows that facilitate member engagement, simplify routine grantmaking and centralize critical information—allowing you to have a unified view of foundation activities and ease coordination with your tax and legal team. 

Technology Solutions for Every Foundation

Foundation Source Online®

Tech + Service

A turnkey, outsourced solution for private foundations

  • For individual foundations looking for a complete outsourced solution for ongoing administration
  • Comprehensive services and expertise


  • Frees you to focus on your philanthropic mission
  • Complete administrative support, including compliance and tax preparation
  • High level of visibility into foundation’s granting activities and finances


All Tech

A turnkey, self-service solution for simple, straightforward foundations 

  • For individual foundations, family offices, trust companies and philanthropic specialists who want a unified view into foundation management activities
  • An easy-to-use, management platform
  • Centralize, streamline and manage foundation activities


  • A starting point for foundations 
  • Workflows to help organize foundation management 
  • Simplified coordination with third-party tax and legal providers
  • Involve family members and foundation insiders with tools designed to support collaboration and engagement
  • Easily import data and bring years’ worth of grant history and activity into the platform
  • Get up-and-running in less than a week

FSOL Requests & Results

Optional, Add-On Modules

Evaluate and assess the impact of giving

  • For established foundations ready to streamline their grant process 
  • Collect grantee information in a consistent format
  • Evaluate and prioritize giving opportunities; monitor and assess your impact


  • Informed decision making along with better and smarter deployment of philanthropic capital
  • Family engagement tools

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