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We recently achieved a milestone that put a smile on all our faces at Foundation Source. You could sense a collective (albeit virtual) cheer fan out across the country as we learned that we had added our two-thousandth client to our community. This client, a large corporate foundation, had officially “rolled over our odometer,” and we felt an incredible responsibility to continue to support users with best-in-class service and provide them with innovative, tech-enabled solutions that help them manage their foundations with full transparency—in just a few clicks. Read on to learn more about who we serve, the new features we’ve added, and where we go from here as we push the boundaries of what modern philanthropy looks like.

Family Foundations: Helping Families Preserve Legacies

Family foundations of every size (and at every stage of their philanthropic journeys) have all found a home at Foundation Source. That’s because our offerings are flexible to suit the individual needs of each foundation—whether they’re just starting out or are looking to professionalize their current processes.

What We Added This Year

The largest wealth transfer of our time is on the horizon, and we continue to build new features that help family leaders get younger family members more involved in giving. Our new engagement features give users an overview of recent foundation activities and make it easy for family members to connect and collaborate across the miles:

  • We made it easier for families to invite someone new to their Foundation Source Online® platform with self-service features that are still fully supported by each client’s Private Client Advisor.
  • Our new Impact Planning feature provides a budgeting-type capability where a family can set goals by cause or issue and monitor progress. For instance, if a family typically gives away $1 million a year toward education and fine arts, but younger generations want to focus on clean water, the family can identify a specific dollar amount, say $100K a year for clean water, and add it as a new focus area of the impact plan. Grants can be tracked against it too.
  • To help increase involvement by family and friends without appointing them to the foundation, we created a unique giving tool called “Grant Certificates.” These enable the foundation to give limited granting rights to those not officially on the foundation. For example, grandparents can permission their grandchildren with set granting amounts per year—these grants can even be linked back to issues through the impact plan.

Corporate Foundations: Helping Simplify Their Giving

As we mentioned, our 2,000th client was a large corporate foundation and we are here to help simplify giving. We offer a comprehensive suite of expert guidance, compliance, technology, and administrative support—all under one roof and tailored to each foundation’s need.

Our services for corporate foundations and giving programs include:

  • Administration – We serve as your virtual staff, providing outsourced support for your corporate philanthropy.
  • Compliance Support – From verifying a grantee’s 501(c)(3) public charity status to monitoring grants and expenses to prevent self-dealing and jeopardizing investments, you can rest easy with our team of experts.
  • TechnologyFoundation Source Online®is a secure, web-based platform for managing your corporate philanthropy, including charity research, donation processing, activity tracking, and reporting.
  • Expertise – Each client is supported by a Private Client Advisor, a dedicated relationship manager for your company who is available to assist company representatives with our services on a daily basis.
  • Employee Engagement – For companies that engage in workplace giving, we have optional services available through our network of preferred partners.

Learn more about our corporate foundation and giving program services.

Supporting Professional Teams

Many philanthropists are backed by a team of professionals, including wealth advisors, CPAs, attorneys and family offices. We work closely as an extension of your team, providing tailored support to the team of pros that in turn support you. Learn more.

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