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Peggy Jacobsen

Director of Product Management

My favorite things to do outside of work are:

FS-slashes-white-version-25x Spending time with my 1-year-old grandson

FS-slashes-white-version-25x Cooking and baking

FS-slashes-white-version-25x Singing in our band with my husband Jeff

Peggy Jacobsen

Happy Friday! In this month’s Featured Friday edition, we talked to Peggy Jacobsen, who shared her experience at Foundation Source as Director of Product Management. Keep reading to learn about her experience and the advice she has for anyone who may be thinking about joining the team!

When and why did you join Foundation Source?

I joined Foundation Source as a consultant in April of 2013 and as an employee in December of 2013. I had recently left a very large financial services company and wanted to work somewhere smaller where what I did every day really made a difference. I reached out to a former colleague who worked at Foundation Source and was quickly convinced that it would be a great fit!

What do you love about working at Foundation Source?

I love the people! Without exception, they are talented and dedicated to doing what they do extremely well with a consistent focus toward benefiting our clients.

What is the best part of your job?

There is tremendous satisfaction when product projects are launched, and you can actually see the benefits being achieved. Watching an idea become reality is great!

Working with our product stakeholders is the best part of my day! I love gaining a true understanding of the challenges they face and brainstorming on how we can implement new features and make existing processes better.”

Peggy Jacobsen
Director of Product Management

What does your job entail?

As Director of Product Management for the backend financial systems, I work with several business departments on how we can improve our processing to be as efficient as possible and to add new features in the continually changing tax and legal landscape we face. I then work with the engineering team to provide the vision of what is required. From concept to implementation, I’m there every step of the way.

What is your team like and what has your experience been with company culture?

I work very closely with our sprint team to bring projects to fruition. It is made up of architects, development engineers and quality assurance engineers. The team is a very dedicated group of talented people. We meet daily and I’m always impressed with their great ideas and focus on producing a quality product. The #begiving culture is very apparent in our group. Everyone’s always willing to help out another team member with whatever they need.

What has been your favorite project at Foundation Source?

I think my favorite project is always the one I just finished. It’s kind of like when someone asks if you have a favorite child. They are all my favorites for one reason or another! But if I had to choose, it would be when I transitioned from supporting the client-facing systems to supporting the financial backend systems. Working for the first time on our annual tax season project meant I needed to fully understand our tax return system. It was very challenging to understand such a complex system but also very rewarding when it was complete, and all the tax returns were successfully filed!

In your opinion, what makes the Foundation Source team special?

The people are Foundation Source’s superpower! Everyone I have worked with is dedicated to doing the best they can for their clients and the company.

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