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Coreena Schultz

Director of Product Management

FS-slashes-white-version-25x I have two English Toy Spaniels, Rhett Butler and Mr. Darcy, my associates who can often be seen or heard during meetings.

FS-slashes-white-version-25x I am creative, spending much of my free time painting or making pottery.

FS-slashes-white-version-25x My first professional career was a 4th Grade Teacher – what an amazing journey it has been


It’s Featured Friday! We recently talked to Coreena Schultz, director of product management, about her experience at Foundation Source. Keep reading to learn what it’s like to work on the product team!

When and why did you join Foundation Source?

I was lucky to be recruited to Foundation Source in 2022. When I heard how amazing the company was and their mission, I could not pass up the opportunity.

What do you love about working at Foundation Source?

Foundation Source empowers people to create a better world through philanthropy, and what I love most about what I do is creating technology that supports our partners in giving to make a difference in the world.

What is the best part of your job?

Getting to work with amazing people who really care about what they are doing –and the positive impact their work has on others.

I look forward to knowing that today will not be the same as yesterday. As the Director of Product Management, my work has me working with the engineering team one minute, me thinking about long-term strategic roadmaps in the afternoon and then sharing prototypes with clients to gather feedback on new features. The one constant is working daily with a group of amazing engineers that are at the top of their games, dedicated and very collaborative.”

Coreena Schultz
Director of Product Management

What does your job entail?

As the Director of Product Management, I work on our client-facing and nonprofit platforms. This requires planning what we are delivering today, what we are working on next and prioritizing the roadmap based on the business and client needs. Speaking to clients, internal teams, and external folks to gather feedback and requirements for the new features, products, and enhancements. Then translate all that information for the engineers to build into the platform. I also create product-related materials with marketing, meet with potential partners and industry leaders, client webinars, and much more.

What has been your biggest accomplishment since joining Foundation Source?

The e-onboarding project. We were able to take a careful look at the current onboarding process and decide how to streamline it – from paper to online. As a tech-forward company, we wanted the onboarding process to be as simple and streamlined as possible for our clients and internal teams.

In your opinion, what makes the Foundation Source team special?

The people are amazing! Everybody is welcoming and easy to work with. The professionals that I have the pleasure to work with are top performers.

What parts of Foundation Source’s mission do you connect with?

To always Be Giving by helping people in their philanthropic endeavors, through our services and technology. It’s more than just a job…I’m able to help people who are making an impact in the world.

What is a memorable client experience you’ve had?

I meet with many clients to either gather feedback on something we have built or we are looking to do in the future. What I find memorable about these experiences is their stories.

What advice would you give to someone who doesn’t know about Foundation Source or may be thinking about joining the team?

If you are great at what you do, enjoy collaborating with others and like to have fun when getting your work done, stop thinking and join the team. Big bonus, you will help make the world a better place.

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