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As the climate change crisis worsens, people are rethinking their approach to this complex environmental issue. We would like to take a moment to highlight one of our clients and their innovative approach to encourage the next generation to work on climate solutions.

About the 776 Foundation

Seven Seven Six Founder and Reddit co-founder, Alexis Ohanian, recently launched the 776 Foundation  and announced that he will commit $20 million over the next decade to combat climate change through a unique fellowship program.

The 776 Fellowship Program is a two-year program for young people between the ages of 18-23 who want to tackle climate change. Each fellow will receive a $100,000 grant to work on their climate-focused project, as well as ongoing support from the Seven Seven Six network of founders, investors, and partners.

“The 776 Fellowship Program will bring together a class of solution-seekers who have grown up in the shadow of climate change and are driven to create change,” said Lissie Garvin, 776 Foundation and Fellowship Program Director. “Through the program, we will provide our fellows with the ideal environment to foster their ideas—whether that be developing a new climate tech start-up or growing their community to organize around issues impacting climate refugees. There is endless potential to explore, and we are excited to serve as a launch pad for the next great leaders in the climate space.”

Check out this article to read more about the fellowship program and visit the 776 Foundation’s website.

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