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In 2005, Mr. Hagan decided to establish a charitable foundation. Because of his time commitments to his three young children and the demands of a fast-growing business, he wanted a turnkey operation that provided “simplicity and convenience.”

His tax accountant recommended Foundation Source on the basis of three important features:

  • Advanced web site technologies
  • The best user tools
  • Outstanding client service

Mr. Hagan followed his accountant’s recommendation and chose Foundation Source to provide and administer his foundation.

How He Works With Us

According to Mr. Hagan, “Foundation Source did an exemplary job of setting up my foundation and now handles all the administrative tasks. That means they keep the foundation’s records, process and issue checks for grants, and file all the necessary tax returns.”

Freed from the burdens of daily administration, Mr. Hagan instead spends his time researching the charitable organizations he is considering for grants, a process simplified by the online tools provided by Foundation Source. Just as important, the 24/7 web access to his foundation allows Mr. Hagan to conduct foundation business whenever and wherever it is most convenient for him.

His Experience Now

The Hagan Foundation supports educational institutions ranging from grade schools to colleges, including financial assistance to minority and underprivileged students. The foundation now receives hundreds of applications annually from schools and students around the country.

According to Mr. Hagan, “Foundation Source has made it easy to manage the foundation’s charitable activities. They deliver great service!”

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