Excellence has a Source

Whether you plan to create a new private foundation, or your foundation has been in existence for four generations, we have the talent, tools, and technology to help you achieve your goals—and it’s all under one roof.

For more than 20 years, Foundation Source has served foundations of all kinds, from small foundations with well under a million dollars in assets to those with hundreds of millions of dollars. The common denominator? They benefit from the resources, expertise and infrastructure previously available only at the largest mega-foundations, for a fraction of the cost.

Our innovative technology, economies of scale and years of experience have lowered the cost of foundation ownership and minimized the associated administrative burdens, but most importantly, we’ve made it easy for our clients to use every capability of their private foundations to bring their philanthropic visions to life.

Beginning on day one, we take care of everything to keep your foundation running smoothly. And as your needs change, we have the services to support you at every turn. All you need to think about is what you want to do with your philanthropy.