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Tailored Solutions for Your Specific Needs.

Because our wide array of services adapt to fit your needs, you can count on your partnership with Foundation Source to last for years to come. As you evolve and change, you’ll never misplace key data, lose momentum, or endure growing pains during staff and board transitions. 

Whatever comes, we’re a constant, steadying presence that can help your unique foundation maintain its efficacy throughout its lifecycle.

Whether your foundation has been around for a few years or a few generations, we have the resources and experience to support it. We provide guidance to help you successfully manage a current transition or navigate changes that may lie ahead:

  • [callout]At the crossroads between the past and the future, you’ll find Foundation Source.[/callout]Retirement of a trusted family advisor;
  • Transfer of foundation leadership to the next generation;
  • Growing pains from a sudden infusion of assets;
  • A need to recalibrate management responsibilities as staff retire or transition to new roles; or
  • A desire to tackle more ambitious philanthropic objectives.

When “what if?” becomes “what now?” how will you move forward? How will you realize the full power and potential of the foundation while maintaining the agility and efficiency of a lean organization? And how will you ensure that your passion, engagement, and vision aren’t diminished by the mundane business of keeping the foundation’s house in order?

Your Unique FoundationIntegrated Support Under One Roof

Foundation Source provides everything you need to manage your foundation in one place. Instead of expending the time and effort to oversee and coordinate multiple advisors (who might not have the specific expertise that some private foundation business could require), you can rely on us. The only services we don’t provide are asset management, legal representation, and personal tax planning—but we coordinate closely with your designated advisors who provide these services.

Services Tailored to Your Foundation

There’s an oft-repeated saying in philanthropy: “If you’ve seen one foundation, you’ve seen one foundation.” In other words, each foundation constitutes its own world, with unique goals, ambitions, and challenges. So, how can a one-size-fits-all service accommodate your foundation’s complex, multifaceted, idiosyncratic operations? It can’t. That’s why Foundation Source tailors its services to meet the needs and preferences of your foundation. We adapt to you, not vice-versa.

Safer Foundation Activities

Running a foundation without running afoul of the IRS requires a thorough knowledge of complex rules and regulations, which are usually complicated and often gray. Should we spot potential compliance issues with your foundation’s activities, we alert you and help you make informed decisions about how best to move forward. Our expertise can help prevent mistakes that could lead to embarrassing public scrutiny, IRS penalties, or even loss of exempt status.

A full range of philanthropic options

Private foundations give you the ability to go beyond plain vanilla grantmaking, accomplishing objectives beyond what you can achieve with a checkbook or even a donor-advised fund. Foundation Source helps your foundation take advantage of every IRS-sanctioned capability including:

  • [callout]When others say it can’t be done, Foundation Source works with you to fulfill your philanthropic vision.[/callout]Grants paid directly to individuals for disaster relief and hardship assistance;
  • Awards and scholarships;
  • International grants;
  • Program-Related Investment loans, loan guarantees, and equity investments;
  • Direct charitable activities;
  • Donations to for-profit companies in support of charitable endeavors.

On-Call Knowledge and ExpertiseYour Unique Foundation

Our sole focus is working with private foundations. Our staff includes attorneys, CPAs, foundation administrators, philanthropic directors, and client advisors, offering expertise you simply won’t find anywhere else. The practical knowledge they’ve gained from working with hundreds of private foundations means there’s very little they haven’t seen or dealt with before. You get comprehensive support and a full complement of specialized expertise for a fraction of the cost of bringing comparable staffing in house.

Sustainability and Continuity of Foundation Operations

Because our wide array of services adapt to fit your needs, you can count on your partnership with Foundation Source to last for years to come. As you evolve and change, you’ll never misplace key data, lose momentum, or endure growing pains during staff and board transitions. Whatever comes, we’re a constant, steadying presence that can help your foundation maintain its efficacy throughout its lifecycle.

Your Unique FoundationOrchestrated, Responsive Client Service

Foundation Source provides attentive service to every client. Our 98% satisfaction rating shows that our commitment translates into a superior experience for you.

Your personalized service is managed by a Private Client Advisor (PCA) who is your dedicated and primary point of contact. Your PCA is a specialist in foundation administration, overseeing day-to-day activities and serving as your team leader in coordinating our experts in philanthropy, tax, legal, and accounting services. Your PCA works closely with your foundation’s stakeholders, advisors, and other experts to orchestrate support and ensure seamless continuity of service.

For issues that require an in-depth consultation, such as achieving greater focus, impact, and reward from your foundation, our team of highly experienced, in-house Philanthropic Directors can help you reach your goals. Their services range from quick phone consultations, to facilitating board meetings, to more structured projects that support your decision-making at major turning points.

Getting Started

When you’re ready to proceed, your Managing Director will custom-tailor a plan for transitioning to Foundation Source services. Our Implementations Team will then take care of set-up and, as applicable, migrate your foundation’s grant history, records, and documents to our online platform.

With Foundation Source as your partner, your foundation can be less time-consuming, more enjoyable, and more effective. Collectively, our online tools, expert professional support, and advisory services reduce your foundation’s busywork, allowing everyone on the foundation to use their time more productively.

For more information about our services, please contact us at 800-839-0054.

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