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We asked our in-house team of philanthropic experts to weigh in on the unique (yet sometimes underutilized) capabilities of private foundations. For the foundations that have tried these specific strategies, they’ve seen tremendous impact, which begs the question…why aren’t more private foundations leveraging the distinctive benefits that are available to them? Join us as we share the top strategies we’ve seen our clients successfully implement—and the powerful stories that bring them to life.

Key takeaways from this session include:

  • Program- and Mission-Related Investments
  • Grants to individuals for hardships and disasters
  • Overdistributing minimum distribution requirement (MDR) in high-performing years
  • Leveraging charitable expenses to advance mission
  • And more

Gillian Howell

Head of Client Advisory Solutions
Foundation Source

Kimberly Scott

Senior Director of Client Services
Foundation Source

Alex Correa

Senior Director of Client Services
Foundation Source

Julia Demeo, CAP®

Managing Director, Southeast Region
Foundation Source

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