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When you experience the “joy of giving,” you know it can be a real and powerful thing. But with our busy lifestyles and endless giving programs, the truth is that most of us could use a little help reconnecting to that feeling again and to give joyfully.

If you feel your family might benefit from a little giving inspiration, we suggest aligning your philanthropy with the rest of your life—the things that really interest and excite you as individuals.

Here are three ways to approach giving to cultivate genuine enjoyment.

#1 Make It Personal

To make giving meaningful, we must first liberate it from the isolated, lonely silo of “stuff we’re supposed to do” and connect it to our everyday interests and experience. Whether we’re young or old, meaningful giving begins with sincere and genuine engagement. From drawing on books to tap into children’s feelings of empathy and generosity to using your hobbies as an extension of your giving, there are many ways to make giving more personal.

#2 Make It Tangible

Which sounds better to you—making a donation or making a difference? If you want to feel the impact of your giving, think about your donation as an investment in change—not just a “gift.” We recommend writing down a list of questions before visiting a nonprofit’s website and researching their mission, whether it’s a worthy cause, if they’re reputable and how they measure success.

#3 Make Family Philanthropy Part of Your Traditions

One of the best ways to find the joy in giving is to magnify it beyond yourself and inspire your family to get involved by incorporating it into your traditions. Whether it’s a special celebration around the holidays or helping your cousin with their community restoration project, family traditions are a great way to bridge the gap between generations, foster strong relationships and leave a family legacy along the way.

To see the rest of our tips, checkout our complete resource The Secret to Joyful Giving.

Ready to give joyfully?

Whether you have an existing foundation and want to adopt best practices or you’re thinking about setting up a foundation, our philanthropic specialists are here to help. We also support advisors who want to deepen the value they bring to their charitable clients. Schedule a call with us here or reach us at 800-839-0054. Together, let’s #begiving.

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