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It’s said that “art is long and life is short” and in this issue of our Foundation Friday series, we’re highlighting the good works of our client the Boris Lurie Art Foundation as they mark an important milestone in 2024—the 100th anniversary of the birth of renowned artist Boris Lurie. Along with Sam Goodman and Stanley Fisher, Boris Lurie founded the NO!art movement, a radical avant-garde anti-art-establishment movement started in 1959. To celebrate this occasion, the Boris Lurie Art Foundation is organizing several significant exhibitions and events of the artist in the USA and Europe. Keep reading to learn more about the foundation, their upcoming celebrations and how they’ve partnered with Foundation Source.

Can you tell us about the foundation?
The mission of The Boris Lurie Art Foundation is dedicated to reflect the life, work and aspirations of the founder and to preserve and promote the NO!art movement with its focus on the social visionary in art and culture. The foundation maintains the artist’s massive body of work, poetry, personal writings and archives, as well as the works of other NO!art artists which are under its control, making them available to the public and institutions of learning throughout the world. In the spirit of Mr. Lurie’s bequest, the foundation supports a variety of initiatives, including exhibitions, publications, films, acquisition, and internships. Through this range of activity, the Boris Lurie Foundation believes it will make a material contribution to the artistic, social and educational life of the community.

What is one of your private foundation’s achievements that you are proud of and why?
The Boris Lurie Art Foundation is proud to support major exhibitions around the world that foster interest in Lurie’s life and the artistic legacy of the NO!art movement. Each exhibition is accompanied by a scholarly catalog, public programs and educational symposiums that dig deeper into Lurie’s artistic vision and how it was shaped by his personal experience of surviving the Holocaust.

Partnering with Foundation Source
One of the many benefits of establishing a private foundation is the flexibility it provides, such as direct charitable activities where a foundation runs its own programs. In fact, most of the activity that Foundation Source administers for the Boris Lurie Art Foundation supports running art exhibits around the world.

Can you tell us a little about your experience working with the Foundation Source team?
With all the moving parts of organizing exhibitions worldwide, Foundation Source’s services prove indispensable. We rely on the client services team’s expertise to collaborate with vendors around the world and can feel assured that they are keeping a close eye on all transactions to ensure compliance with IRS guidelines.

Exhibitions and Events
The year 2024 marks the100th anniversary of Boris Lurie’s birth and on July 18, 2024, there will be a birthday celebration with an exhibition in New York. His German poems have been translated into English and will be published in February in collaboration with Frohmann-Holzboog Publisher.

The exhibition Boris Lurie – Life With The Dead will follow in April at the Scuola Grande San Giovanni Evangelista in Venice to coincide with the Venice Biennale. This exhibition, which presents the most significant works by Boris Lurie, is curated and presented by Gertrude Stein, President of the Boris Lurie Art Foundation, in collaboration with Rafael Vostell, representative of the Boris Lurie Art Foundation in Europe, and Jürgen Kaumkötter, director of the Center for Persecuted Arts. The exhibition will be accompanied by a comprehensive catalogue published by Hatje Cantz Publisher.

In June, the New Museum Nurnberg will open an exhibition of Boris Lurie in dialog with young artists from Eastern Europe, curated by Paulina Olszewska from Warsaw in collaboration with Thomas Heyden, curator at the New Museum Nurnberg.

Works by Boris Lurie have been requested for several group exhibitions, including at the Grey Art gallery in New York and the Jewish Museum in Berlin and his biography is expected to be published this year.

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We are proud to support the work of the Boris Lurie Art Foundation and thank them for sharing their story!

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