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Are your high-net-worth clients missing out on opportunities to extend their charitable capital and make their gifts even more impactful? If they’re like most high-net-worth individuals, they’re engaging in charitable giving mainly through cash donations to nonprofits. But by overlooking a private foundation as a charitable giving vehicle, they’re not taking advantage of the number of creative tax and investment strategies available to them. You can help change that.

Having worked with thousands of private foundations over the course of two decades, we’ve identified five strategies that the most experienced and knowledgeable philanthropists incorporate into their charitable giving plans—often times with guidance from their trusted advisors. To learn more, Advisorpedia asked our Chief Marketing Officer Hannah Shaw Grove to share her insights on the five sophisticated strategies that private foundations and their advisors are using to maximize their philanthropy. In this quick read, you’ll gain a better understanding of these types of techniques, which will help you set yourself apart from your peers and be able to better serve your clients and optimize their offering.

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