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We have to admit, it was fun and a bit nostalgic, to browse through our library of logos and look back at the philanthropic journey we’ve taken with our partners over the past two decades. Together, we’ve come a long way and we’re excited to share how our brand is evolving in this short video below. It’s a visual representation of the commitment we have to developing and advancing our purpose-built technology and expert services to provide philanthropists and their professional teams with solutions that make giving easier. Thank you for being a part of our story. We can’t wait to see where the road ahead takes us.

Check out this short video to see how we’ve evolved:

Want to Learn More About Foundation Source?
Take a look at some of the exciting highlights along our path toward philanthropic progress and innovation.


  • Brothers Avi and Neil Greenbaum saw a need for a firm dedicated to the professional management of private foundations so busy philanthropists can focus their efforts on strategy and impact
  • Foundation Source opens its doors, helping to democratize access to private foundations with streamlined formation and administrative services
  • Launched the industry’s first foundation management platform, the predecessor to Foundation Source Online®


  • Berkley Capital invests in Foundation Source


  • Offerings expanded to provide comprehensive philanthropic support services to existing foundations
  • First 100 clients


  • Launched Foundation Source RequestsTM, a web-based grants management product


  • Administered $1 billion in foundation assets


  • First 500 clients
  • Facilitated $100 million in grants per year


  • First 1,000 clients


  • Launched Foundation Source ResultsTM, a web-based impact management product


  • Facilitated $500 million in grants per year


  • Foundation Source Online® is redesigned with a more intuitive and modern, user-friendly interface
  • Administered $10 billion in foundation assets


  • Launched Corporate Foundation Services to support companies and their philanthropy


  • Facilitated $1 billion in grants per year


  • Acquired by Incline Equity Partners


  • Launched Impactfully, a consolidated dashboard for philanthropists and their professional teams
  • Administered $20 billion in foundation assets


  • First 2,000 clients

Talk to a Philanthropic Specialist

Whether you’re creating your first private foundation or want to professionalize your foundation with robust tools and applications purpose-built for your needs, we’d love to help! Schedule a call with us here or reach us at 800-839-0054. Together, let’s #begiving.

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