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Part of what makes our work at Foundation Source so meaningful is getting to have a front-row seat to the amazing impact our clients are having on solving world problems, such as sex trafficking. Take our client, Abigail Seldin—she was recently interviewed by eJewish Philanthropy to share why she and her husband, Whitney Haring-Smith, started the Seldin / Haring-Smith Foundation (SHSF).

The SHSF focuses mainly on higher education access and immigration and makes gifts of about $25K that fund innovative strategies to change policy and public conversation. “Our focus is broadening access to public services, and demanding accountability for abuse of authority, which we think of as being the two core pillars of a robust democracy,” says Abigail.

We’re proud to serve the SHSF Foundation and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for them! Be sure to check out the inspiring interview here.

Want to learn more about the ways we support private foundations like SHSF?

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