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Private foundations offer a robust philanthropic toolkit and are the gold standard for helping families build lasting legacies – but they can be tricky for donors to administer on their own without clear guidance. In a special presentation for Trusts & Estates subscribers, our Chief Legal Officer Jeffrey Haskell shares important insights on the substantive rules that govern private foundations, including what activities are permissible, which require advance IRS approval and the most common trouble spots to help your clients steer clear of compliance issues and penalties.

Managing Risk - header

Managing Risk: Best Practices for Private Foundation Compliance – Q&A Summary

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Don’t have an hour for the replay? We’ve summarized the highlights of this insightful presentation for you.

Managing Risk: How to Avoid Private Foundation Penalties – Key Takeaways

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These three guidelines can help private foundations stay in compliance.

Managing Risk in Private Foundations: Compliance Fundamentals – Replay

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Hear from one of the leading experts on private foundation rules and regulations.
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