Philanthropy: A Safe Harbor During the Market Storm 


During a market downturn, it may feel like a duck-and-cover approach is the safest place to be as an advisor who is working with frustrated investors. But life continues to go on—whether markets are up or down. Investors sell businesses. They need help with estate...

Featured Friday: Meet Anthony Quarino 

Anthony Quarino

We are excited to continue our Featured Friday series with Anthony Quarino, who was recently promoted to Senior User Experience Designer at Foundation Source. Keep reading for an inside look at what it’s like to work on the Product Management team at Foundation Source.

Top 3 Takeaways: The Connection Between Giving & Family Happiness


Author: Hannah Shaw Grove, Chief Marketing Officer

In this post, Hannah Shaw Grove, Chief Marketing Officer, shares the three most compelling learnings from our recent webinar with Joel Treisman, a scholar-practitioner in the fields of positive psychology and the psychology of wealth, where we examined...

3 Approaches to Strategic Philanthropy  

Strategic Philanthropy

It’s often said that with age comes wisdom, and now in our third decade of service providing strategic support to thousands of private foundations, we’ve learned that although our clients come from different backgrounds and perspectives, they’re all committed to the...

Employee Spotlight: Meet Kimberly Scott

We are so excited to announce our new Featured Friday series that will highlight the hard work and dedication of the Foundation Source team. For our first employee spotlight, we sat down with Kimberly Scott, Director of Client Services, and asked her about her...

In Times of Crisis, Givers (Once Again) Answer the Call  


Sunflower emojis, striking blue and gold flags, and heart-breaking images are filling our newsfeeds as the world witnesses human suffering due to the conflict in Ukraine. But almost as fast as the situation began to unfold, philanthropists wasted no time stepping in to

Why Changing Times Call for a Philanthropy Refresh 

Philanthropy Refresh

Making an impact is top-of-mind for the private foundations we serve and support. And as the last few years have taught us, the world and its needs change…constantly. There have been natural disasters, shifts in societal norms, a pandemic, a humanitarian crisis...

Foundations in Focus: Celebrating National Clients’ Day

National Clients’ Day

In recognition of National Clients’ Day, we want to pause and thank our clients for the privilege of providing their private foundations with the services and support they need to make an impact. “Our clients are the heartbeat of our business, and we’ve been proud to...

Foundation Source Newsletter: Refresh Your Philanthropy

Refresh Your Philanthropy

Whether you’re a busy philanthropist or an advisor who supports charitably-inclined clients, it can be challenging keeping up with the latest news and information that can help you make an impact. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to the first issue of...

Want to Have Your Name on a Building?  

Naming Rights

Philanthropists are getting in on the increasingly popular strategy to prominently display their family name on a public landmark or building. That’s because charitable individuals and families are utilizing naming rights in connection with a donation...

Giving from the Heart

Giving from the Heart

Love is in the air and even though Valentine’s Day may have come and gone, that doesn’t mean we can’t still show others how much we care. And one of the best ways to do this is through charitable giving. There are even health benefits associated with giving including lo

Scrutiny Aside, Philanthropy’s to be Celebrated


Author: Elizabeth Wong, National Director of Philanthropic Advisory Services

Tags: Advisor Series

Recently, The New York Times ran a thought-provoking story on “troll philanthropy”, which underscores the reality that the charitable giving of high-profile, megadonors is frequently – if not always – subject to public scrutiny, whether it’s instigated by the donors or

Going All In On High-Risk, High-Reward Grants

Foundation Fridays

Part of what makes our work at Foundation Source so meaningful is getting to have a front-row seat to the amazing impact our clients are having on solving world problems, such as sex trafficking. Take our client, Abigail Seldin—she was recently interviewed by eJewish Philanthropy to share why she and her husband, Whitney Haring-Smith, started the Seldin / Haring-Smith Foundation (SHSF).

10 Ways You Can Get Creative with Your Private Foundation

Get Creative with Your Private Foundation

It’s a new year and a perfect time to take stock of your philanthropy and charitable activities. As you look at giving through fresh eyes, ask yourself – what is really needed and am I able to react to it? It may be time to consider adding structure to your giving...

Case Study: How We Helped an Actress Organize Charitable Giving

Foundation Fridays

As you pack away the holidays and look to approach the new year with a refreshed perspective, organizing is often one of the first things that comes to mind. But have you thought about taking a more organized approach to your philanthropy this year?

5 Ways to Help Clients Evaluate a Nonprofit

Evaluate a Nonprofit

Author: Gillian Howell, Head of Client Advisory Solutions

Tags: Advisor Series

As we turn the calendar to a new year, it’s the perfect time to help your clients think about their philanthropy through a fresh perspective. Set them up for success when they receive requests from nonprofits by encouraging them to start thinking about the causes they..

How to Help Families Make the Most of Their Philanthropy


For your charitable clients, philanthropy is about so much more than making donations. It’s how they share values across generations. It can help them express personal and family interests and ignite passions and creativity. And it’s a way for them to foster family...

3 Tips to Give Joyfully

Give Joyfully

When you experience the “joy of giving,” you know it can be a real and powerful thing. But with our busy lifestyles and endless giving programs, the truth is that most of us could use a little help reconnecting to that feeling again and to give joyfully.

5 Things to Know About High-Net-Worth Family Philanthropy

High-Net-Worth Family Philanthropy

Author: Hannah Shaw Grove, Chief Marketing Officer

Tags: Advisor Series

Family philanthropy is a key driver of social change and a great way for high-net-worth (HNW) families to clarify their values, commit to a mission, and work collaboratively across generations to build and protect their legacies.