With its unparalleled financial control, powerful tax advantages, and the ability to perpetuate one’s family legacy, America’s premier philanthropic families consider it the gold standard of charitable giving vehicles.

Unfortunately, private foundations have often been out of reach for those who lack the resources to hire professional staff. The alternative, going it alone, too often results in administrative and compliance issues that threaten to overshadow the joy of giving.

Foundation Source has changed all that, putting this powerful tool in the hands of today’s philanthropic entrepreneurs. Our clients supply the funds and vision; we supply everything else.

For those seeking philanthropic flexibility and impact, the vehicle of choice has always been the private foundation.

Foundation Source has put this powerful tool in the hands of today’s philanthropic entrepreneurs.

Foundation Source provides full management and philanthropic services to more than 2,000 family, corporate, and professionally staffed foundations, making us the largest provider of comprehensive support services for private foundations nationwide.

The company’s purpose-built technology, administrative services and philanthropic expertise provide comprehensive support to private foundations, eliminating the mundane burdens of running a foundation while helping to refine mission, sharpen strategy, and deepen family engagement.

The result: better-run foundations with greater social impact.

For those who would like to learn more, the following pages provide answers to common questions that donors, families, and their advisors ask about private foundations.