Alternative Investments and Private Foundations: Three Key Takeaways

Alternative Investments

In the current market environment, interest continues to grow in alternative investments that may be able to provide outsize returns and downside protection to private foundations. These strategies could enable individuals, boards, and corporations to expand their mission, grow their asset base, and align a spirit of entrepreneurship within their foundation.

Alternative investments may hold additional appeal right now when compared to traditional investments, which would need to overcome significant challenges in order to continue producing the returns that they’ve delivered for the past 15 years. Foundation Source recently hosted a panel discussion with Ben Durrant, CIO and co-founder of Provenio Capital, an investment advisor specializing in alternative investments, and Jeannea Varrichio, our legal services director, to discuss the challenges and opportunities that foundations should keep in mind when considering such investments.

Here are three key takeaways from the panel discussion, “Strategic Synergy: Alternative Investments and Private Foundations.”

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