Challenge, Meet Solution

Philanthropic and Personal Challenges

Private foundations can be used to address a broad range of wealth-planning, philanthropic, and even personal challenges. In this guide, we will examine how a private foundation may be your key to unlocking a host of important benefits.

Private foundations offer two critical advantages to those who seek to leave a significant philanthropic legacy: tax freedom and time. Because private foundations are exempt from income tax, their investments can grow substantially over the years. And because private foundations can exist in perpetuity, control of those sizable assets can be passed from one generation to the next.

You wrote the check, but did you make a difference? A private foundation provides numerous options for donors who want assurance that their funds are making a difference as well as an immediate, personal connection to their giving. Our in-house philanthropic advisors can help you clarify your philanthropic goals, develop a strategy for achieving them, and then help you measure your results. And if you’re the hands-on type, a private foundation enables you to conduct your own charitable activities and make grants to individuals, so you’ll see and feel the impact of your giving.

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