Giving in the Time of COVID-19

Considerations for Responding to the Current Crisis

The global pandemic of COVID-19 is a crisis unlike any in recent memory. Here in the U.S., if fatalities reach 200,000, as currently projected, we will have lost more than two times the number of Americans killed in the Vietnam War and WWI combined. And if coupled with months of shuttered businesses, the lost jobs and mounting debt could damage countless lives and shatter thousands of families.

In the face of these immense challenges, how can private foundations respond?

First and foremost, we must collectively acknowledge the rapid tectonic shift beneath our feet. The carefully considered decisions made just weeks ago about how much to distribute, what to fund, and strategies for furthering the foundation’s mission suddenly may seem out of step with current events. The world has changed, and many Foundation Source clients find themselves forced to change along with it.

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