Help Your Clients Change the World

Philanthropic expertise for holistic client relationships

In the past, high-net-worth (HNW) individuals measured achievement in wealth accrued. Now, it’s not just how much money they have. For many, it’s also how much they’re giving away. This is especially true among younger investors who are part of a group that is set to inherit $59 trillion by 2061.

Moreover, among all age groups, nine out of 10 wealthy investors engage in philanthropy each year. It’s not just for the tax benefits, either; in fact, only 17 percent of wealthy donors cite that as their constant motivation for giving. Instead, they give because they want to change the world – and they need help to make their philanthropic vision a reality.

The desire to give is just a start. To truly maximize their impact, a HNW individual also needs to have a giving strategy and a budget – and less than half do. But with this gap comes an opportunity for wealth managers to start new conversations about philanthropy, deepen client relationships, and show value in new ways. HNW individuals don’t want to just hear about investment returns; they also increasingly want value-added services.

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