Getting Started with Your Corporate Foundation

A Guide to Corporate Foundation Operations

With your new corporate foundation, you have taken a significant step toward enhancing your company’s philanthropy. That’s because IRS regulations allow corporate foundations wide latitude to undertake creative, inventive, and effective philanthropy that can’t be accomplished by other means.

This guide will help you understand the full benefits of a corporate foundation and provide you with an overview of its operational requirements. But don’t worry. Our staff of foundation professionals will be by your side every step of the way. You’ll benefit from Foundation Source’s two decades of experience working with nearly 2,000 corporate, family, and professionally staffed foundations, of all sizes, nationwide.

Technically, a corporate foundation is classified by the Internal Revenue Service as a type of 501(c)(3) charity called a “private non-operating foundation.” The Internal Revenue Code does not distinguish corporate foundations from family foundations. Both are subject to the same regulations. From a practical standpoint, however, there are differences in funding and governance. A corporate foundation is funded by a company instead of an individual or family, and board members of a corporate foundation are typically company executives.

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