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This time of year sees the highest level of donations, communications and time spent between donors and the organizations they support. So, what can funders and advisors do right now to make giving this year the most effective yet? Join our panel of experts for an action-oriented conversation that cuts through the chaos of the busy giving season by focusing on the one thing that truly matters: effectiveness.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:
– Prioritize your philanthropic effectiveness goals–what does being effective mean to you and who can help with this conversation?
– Measure your potential effectiveness—what is operational streamlining and how does this impact your mission?
– Maximize your philanthropic effectiveness–what can good communication accomplish?

Antoinette-LeCouteurAntoinette LeCouteur
Create Impact
Antoinette LeCouteur is a veteran advisor in the corporate, social impact and philanthropic space. As the Co-founder of the consulting firm Create Impact, Antoniette works in the space between people and philanthropy to close the gap and enable individuals and organizations to realize their impact goals.

Cameron-MarshCameron Marsh
Senior Analyst
Nucleus Research
Cameron Marsh is an advisor with Nucleus research, an independent evaluation firm that focuses on measuring the return on interest gained by thoughtful partnerships.

Steven-AponteSteve Aponte
Vice President of Product & Strategy
Foundation Source
As the Vice President of Product & Strategy, Steve Aponte’s passion for building technology that solves problems spans beyond the philanthropic space and focuses on sharing information with a human-first lens.

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