Nurses, doctors, and scientists are delivering critical care to victims of the pandemic and working on treatments and vaccines to help us eventually defeat it. But before these heroes could save lives, someone had to change theirs by helping them afford their degrees and professional training.

Education lifts individuals along with their families and entire communities. Financial help to pay for it can be one of the most powerful gifts you can possibly bestow. With a private foundation, you can donate to a school’s scholarship program, but you also have the option of running your own and selecting the recipients.

Running your own scholarship program enables you to put your own personal stamp on it. You can focus on kids (and adults) who have faced challenges, demonstrated potential, or embodied values that make them especially worthy of assistance. For example, one Foundation Source client was an indifferent student and had to work during his high school years, leaving him little time to devote to academics and transcript-enhancing extracurricular activities. Nonetheless, he went on to achieve great success as an entrepreneur. He designed a scholarship to help kids like his younger self—students with B- averages who hold down jobs in high school and are unlikely to get help from other quarters.