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When it comes to advising private foundations and their professional teams, we’ve learned a lot over our more than two decades of service. And while there may be some commonalities among foundations, we discovered along our journey that one size does not fit all. There are nearly 100,000 private non-operating foundations in the U.S., and they vary widely, from the amount of their assets to their charitable missions to their management. So as an advisor, if you want to give your charitably inclined clients sage advice, it’s important to consider their different needs and understand the role technology plays in helping foundations pursue their missions more easily and cost-effectively.

Financial Advisor recently caught up with our CEO Sunil Garga and asked him to share his perspective on the top three things we’ve learned when it comes to providing our clients with the best support.

“Regardless of size, a foundation can make tremendous charitable and social impact with the right vision, strategy, tools and support—and many family and corporate philanthropists will look to their advisors to provide them with tailored guidance,” says Sunil.

Checkout the full article to see how these key takeaways can help you partner more effectively with your philanthropic clients and help them grow, adapt and thrive.

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Sunil Garga

Sunil Garga

President & Chief Executive Officer