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As we head into the busy giving season, conversations with your charitable clients will start to focus more on their year-end donations and the advantages of tax benefits available to them. To help you prepare for these discussions, our experts have curated a suite of specialized insights that will help you before, during and after your client meetings. Think of our Advisor-Client Meeting Kit as your one-stop-shop to skillfully guide these conversations, create deeper connections and grow your practice.

What You’ll Find Inside

Preparing For Your Meeting
From an infographic on the tax benefits of a private foundation to an advisor’s guide on charitable conversations with your clients, these resources will help you plan an effective, productive meeting before you block out your calendar.

Client Meeting Underway
Both anticipated and unanticipated questions will likely come up during your meeting, but these resources will help you cover the bases. From an eBook on FAQs about private foundations to a white paper on the top 10 advantages of having a private foundation, use these tools to walk through the process together.

Client Meeting Follow Up
Keep the productive conversations going long after your meeting by sharing a family philanthropy checklist to promote multigenerational engagement and a demo of the latest philanthropic software to help them give on the go.

As always, Foundation Source is here to help support you and your clients during the busy giving season—and anytime questions come up. Get the Advisor-Client Meeting Kit and best wishes for a successful fourth quarter!

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