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While an interest in philanthropy tends to increase with age, that doesn’t mean that young billionaires (those under the age of 50) don’t have an interest in it, too. In fact, according to Altrata’s Today’s billionaires by age group report, more than 30% of billionaires cite philanthropy as one of their top interests. So, what are the causes that inspire them to give? Take a look at these interesting insights.

#1 Education
Interestingly, education is the most popular cause for philanthropic activity for billionaires of all ages. Education took the top spot for 60% of younger billionaires. Across all age groups, initiatives to improve educational facilities, teaching standards and learning opportunities are the most common areas for charitable giving.

#2 Social Services
Just behind education, 46% of younger billionaires favor giving to social services, which includes crime prevention, reducing poverty and unemployment.

#3 Arts and Culture
This sector took the third spot with about 39% of younger billionaires donating funds to support the arts and culture—just edging out the healthcare and medical research sector.

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