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We’re pleased to share that our client, the Akamai Foundation, awarded a 2021 STEM education grant to STEM From Dance, which gives girls of color access to a STEM education by using dance to empower, educate, and encourage them as the next generation of engineers, scientists, and techiesThe Akamai Foundation recently invited the students, founder and CEO of the program to perform and share the stage at NASDAQ and ring the closing bell. Featured in NASDAQ’s Behind the Bell, an interview series with CEOs, executives or founders live from MarketSite on a company’s listing day or milestone celebration, executives from STEM From Dance and the Akamai Foundation discussed the importance of inclusion and diversity in STEM and shared advice for the next generation of innovators. 

“We as individuals can champion inclusivity in our everyday lives,” said Akamai Foundation Executive Director Kara DiGiacomo. “To be role models, to listen, educate, be open, to change, grow and adapt. Just leading with positivity. We can all make a difference.” 

The Akamai Foundation’s Chief Marketing Officer Kim Salem-Jackson describes STEM as part of the DNA at Akamai and a part of the foundation. “I think the intersection point between STEM and art is so critical,” says Kim. So we were really thrilled to work with the partner of the Akamai Foundation, the girls from STEM From Dance, to have them showcase their amazing skills. 

“The mission of STEM From Dance is to get girls, specifically girls of color, excited about STEM,” said STEM From Dance Founder & CEO Yamilée Toussaint Beach. And we believe that that’s possible through dance. Dance is a way that brings joy, brings confidence; it brings creativity. And those are the things that we need in our future innovators, engineers, and scientists.” 

Foundation Source is proud to serve and support the work of the Akamai Foundation around diversity, equity and inclusion, as well as thousands of private foundations nationwide.

To learn more, watch their inspiring interview featured in Behind the Bell here. 

About the Akamai Foundation 

The Akamai Foundation is dedicated to encouraging the next generation of technology innovators by supporting STEM education, with a focus on the pursuit of excellence in mathematics in grades K-12. Grants focus on equal access to quality STEM education with grants supporting programs designed to attract more diversity to the technology industry. In addition, the Akamai Foundation provides disaster resilience, relief and humanitarian aid globally; and enables volunteerism by connecting employees to the communities in which Akamai operates. 

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