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In recognition of National Clients’ Day, we want to pause and thank our clients for the privilege of providing their private foundations with the services and support they need to make an impact. “Our clients are the heartbeat of our business, and we’ve been proud to serve as their trusted partner for more than 20 years,” says Gillian Howell, Foundation Source’s Head of Client Advisory Solutions. “We see first-hand the incredible generosity and good deeds of the foundations we work with—and supporting them is a role we are deeply passionate about. Every day, we take important steps to deepen the value we provide, enhance the experience and build a world-class client and philanthropic advisory practice.

”We’re grateful for the thousands of clients we support, and in this special edition of our Foundation Fridays series, we’re celebrating a few of our clients making headlines while pursuing their philanthropic missions. So settle somewhere comfy, kick back and get ready to be inspired.

The Sally and Dick Roberts Coyote Foundation

Music has the power to transform the lives of children and teens in poverty. Follow along on the fascinating journey of the Colombia Wind Orchestra to see how a music program based on El Sistema philosophy keeps poverty level children focused and engaged with music. We are delighted to share this uplifting documentary, produced by The Sally and Dick Roberts Coyote Foundation, and are proud to support and serve the foundation as they make positive changes in the lives of youth. Get the popcorn ready and enjoy the show!

Watch here > > CWO Documentary | Children International

The John and Ethel Kashulon Foundation

We continue to be inspired by the impact our clients have in their communities, including near our HQ in Bridgeport, Connecticut! Recently, the Bridgeport Rescue Mission held a ceremony for their new community kitchen, built with a grant from the John and Ethel Kashulon Foundation. The Kashulon Community Kitchen will help feed those in the community from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Way to go John and Ethel Kashulon Foundation!

The Do-Or-Dier Foundation (DODF)

Forbes recently caught up with our client, Rob Dyrdek, a serial entrepreneur who has also generated acclaim as a professional skateboarder and TV show host to talk about his foundation’s philosophy—to inspire and empower underestimated entrepreneurs. Founded in 2021, the Do-Or-Dier Foundation (DODF) is the non-profit arm of the Dyrdek Machine. The foundation supports and amplifies organizations dedicated to teaching entrepreneurship within underrepresented communities. Their mission is to inspire and empower underestimated entrepreneurs. Learn how the DODF is assisting and partnering with disruptive entrepreneurs—and reaching out to business-minded people looking for a break in this fascinating interview.

The Vista Outdoor Foundation

Expanding outdoor access for all was top of mind for Vista Outdoor who recently delivered remarks to the U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, outlining the company’s support of several outdoor recreation bills. “The time to invest in the outdoors is now,” said Fred C. Ferguson, Vice President, Public Affairs and Communications at Vista Outdoor. “Millions of people ventured outdoors over the past 24 months. Some reconnected with their favorite pastimes, such as hunting or biking, while others engaged in a recreational activity for the first time. With so many new and existing participants venturing outside, it’s incumbent upon leaders in the private and public sectors to adjust to these changing trends and creating an outdoor ecosystem that is more accessible, diverse and streamlined.” We’re honored to serve the Vista Outdoor Foundation!

Watch their opening statement and the replay here.

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