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If you find recent conversations with your charitable clients turning to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, you’re not alone. It’s a critical time, and as a trusted advisor, you play a vital role in supporting your philanthropic clients as they make key decisions to provide support and assistance where it’s needed most. But this developing situation is complex—and there are distinct challenges that require both immediate and long-term support. 

To get the answers to these time-sensitive topics, Financial Advisor reached out to Gillian Howell, Foundation Source’s Head of Client Advisory Solutions, who shared her insights—including why private foundations are in a unique, advantageous position when it comes to helping Ukraine. 

“Philanthropists, especially those with private foundations, are able to help in more agile and flexible ways that others cannot,” said Gillian. “Not only can they respond rapidly when a crisis occurs, they can also take a longer view to understand the full scope of the problems, pinpoint where they can make the greatest impact, and determine how to allocate their resources most effectively to boost established relief efforts or spawn new ones.”

From broad types of humanitarian aid issued to populations in urgent need to understanding the “disaster life cycle” for long-term support, your charitable clients can support Ukraine both now and in the trying times they face ahead. To learn more and share with your clients, check out the full article here.

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