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With over 2,000 private foundation clients, our community of philanthropists have incredible and unique charitable journeys, and we love to hear from them about their experiences. In our Foundation Friday blog series, we ask clients to share their stories, and what advice they’d want to pass along to other philanthropists. Here’s some of the wisdom they’ve shared with us over the years.

Terra Conservation Reserve
When you have been given the opportunity to give back philanthropically, there is nothing more rewarding than the sense of doing something meaningful to help others. It’s important to find those causes that you are passionate about so that the time and resources you will be investing in will feel worth pursuing.

Gupta Charitable Foundation
I would say choose something that is inherently satisfying and meaningful work that serves others. Also, choose a cause, a vision, a goal, that is larger than your life!

Mike & Patti Hennessy Foundation
Through our work we are seeking to inspire, collaborate and innovate with others to improve the quality of life for all. Embrace technology—whether it is through virtual meetings or utilizing platforms that will allow you to streamline the processes of starting a foundation.

Pincus Family Foundation
Remember that no two foundations are alike. Be bold in your vision to positively impact the world and invest fearlessly in change.

Lee Oceans Foundation
We are early in our journey, but it is clear that passion is a key ingredient. Our shared love for the ocean and desire to protect these resources is what drives our energy in running the foundation and its project activities.

The Bowman Family Foundation
Spend a lot of time deciding what one or two areas you care the most about, and focus at least 90% of your time and dollars in those areas. There are an endless number of very worthy causes – you cannot move the needle on any if you are spread too thin.

Wags and Menace Make a Difference Foundation
I did not realize how much my volunteering impacted the growth of fundraising for sick and homeless animals. It’s not just about donating the money—it’s about showing up. And I showed up before I had the money. I try to build momentum with people; be infectious; be part of the solution. Volunteering is a spiritual, ethical component to being a human being. That’s why I was pulling horses out of mud during a flood in Northern Colorado. I want to be involved.

The Reid Burns Foundation
Find something you are passionate about and follow your heart. It could be specific diseases that have affected your family such as cancer, education or wildlife. Stay involved and watch where the money goes. Get feedback and refine as you go.

This unique and inspiring community of philanthropists is changing the world through their giving. We are proud of our clients and all the good they are doing. To learn more, you can read their full stories in our Foundation Friday series.

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