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We’re almost halfway through Q4, which means your clients have year-end tasks on their mind—from tax planning to supporting the escalating appeals from nonprofits. They’ll also soon be gathering with loved ones for the holidays. Our new family philanthropy checklist can help shape meaningful and intentional interactions during the busy giving season.

Developed to help your clients engage their family in charitable giving, we packed this convenient checklist with creative strategies and practical approaches to support involvement across generations in a way that clarifies values and reinforces family identity. This is a wonderful addition to celebratory family time!

5 Tried-and-True Touchstones

Having supported thousands of private foundations for more than 20 years, our philanthropic experts found that our clients rely on the five following touchstones to help family members adopt a giving mindset and create a foundation that inspires younger generations.

1. Instill Values & Traditions

o Involve children in the causes you care about
o Work together as a family to give back
o Teach that giving is a habit, like brushing your teeth

2. Maintain Family Ties

o Hold quarterly or annual family meetings
o Schedule meetings outside of the holidays to stay focused on the purpose
o Provide virtual options for those who can’t attend in person

3. Deepen Social Consciousness

o Conduct a nonprofit site visit with family to better understand needs
o Use the foundation to discuss problems and how to solve them

4. Increase Personal Fulfillment

o Try psychologist Martin Seligman’s exercise to have the family engage in “one pleasurable activity and one philanthropic activity”
o Write about both experiences and have the family discuss

5. Develop Skill, Knowledge & Awareness

o Task young children with simple acts such as donating birthday gifts or toys
o Involve young adults in the foundation to develop skills such as leadership and financial management

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