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Technology has been, and always will be, the cornerstone of the work we do to support the important endeavors of private foundations. After all, a modern world calls for modern, tech-enabled solutions designed to make our lives easier. So, we were excited to see the important role technology is playing for our client Matthias B. Bowman of The Bowman Family Foundation (BFF). Matthias recently sat down with Physician’s Weekly to share the work they’re doing to actively support and enhance tele-behavioral health tools and digital tools for mental and emotional health.

About the Foundation

BFF is a private, nonprofit organization with a primary mission of improving the lives of people with mental illness and providing funding to support the education and welfare of children. With its mission in place, the foundation went on to found the website PsyberGuide (later donated to One Mind), which reviews apps and other software that can be used to help people with mental illness or substance use problems. You can think of it like Consumer Reports for digital therapeutics focused on mental health.

“We started PsyberGuide about 10 years ago because of the recognition that most patients with mental illness will never meet a psychiatrist or psychologist, which is still true today. There is an insufficient number of behavioral health specialists; more than half of the counties in the United States have no mental health professional—no psychiatrist, no psychologist, no mental health social worker. Clearly, many people don’t have access to a professional behavioral health specialist,” said Matthias.

Check out the rest of this fascinating interview with Physician’s Weekly, and visit the BFF website learn about their other work to improve the lives of those with mental illness.

From one tech-fan to another, we’re proud to serve and support The Bowman Family Foundation.

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